"Ava O'Malley is one of the only characters in the show that wasn’t in the comics or books. She’s an incredibly strong and ambitious young woman.
When we meet Ava, she’s gone through a lot and is trying to find her footing in whatever way possible. She’s very emotional and impulsive so the way she goes about this sometimes isn’t ideal.

Sydney Meyer [1]

"While she’s extremely intelligent, she’s reactionary and the way she goes about this isn’t always ideal."

Sydney Meyer [2]

Ava O'Malley is a main character in the first season of V Wars. Sometime before her character was introduced Ava was exposed to the prion protein, activating her predator gene and turning her into a blood.

Both Ava and her father became bloods, and were eventually targeted by vampire killing vigilantes. While her father was killed, Ava was saved by Fayne. This led to Ava finding other bloods, tracking down Fayne and saving his life from a sniper. Ava approached Fayne with the idea of leading Blood Nation; which led to Fayne making her his second in command.

As Fayne's second in command, Ava became quite the tactician, increasing the prevalence and strength of Blood Nation. When Fayne restarted his relationship with Danika, Ava became jealous and resented her attitude towards the cause. Ava resented Fayne's respect for Danika's approach to leading Blood Nation. This eventually led to Ava drugging Fayne and enacting a coup to overthrow his leadership.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Ava possesses all of the standard abilities of a blood; immense physical strength and speed, wickedly sharp fangs, greater sensory capacities and greatly sped up regeneration. Ava displayed this strength when she lifted a man twice her size off of the ground with ease and drained him of blood.

As the second in command of Blood Nation, Ava showed a strong tactical mind, and was sharp enough to help overthrow Fayne as leader of the bloods.


V WarsEdit

Season 1



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