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"Blood Brothers" is the second episode of the first season of V Wars.


Michael continues to prowl for victims while Luther struggles with a traumatic loss and painful accusations. Also, Kaylee makes a connection.


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A couple is sitting in a vehicle and hear something.  Alarmed by a strange sound, the woman insists the guy check it out, but when he does, he is attacked by a Blood and screams.  When she runs to him, she, too, is attacked.

The police chief interrogates Luther regarding Jess' death and shares that Dez has been turned over to Child Protective Services (CPS) since they believe Luther murdered his wife.  Luther tells the chief the truth of what happened and explains that he had a deal with Yanov [to check on his wife and child], but he is not believed and "any deal" he made was tossed out with the tragedy.

The guardian with Child Protective Services (CPS) is trying to coax Dez to open up about what was seen, but Dez remains quiet.

Kaylee is editing a new video for her web page and is excited about the "Vampire Killer" video she captured on her phone.  Jergen tries to get her to consider how this information might be received, but she insists as she saw Michael Fayne drink blood.

DNS arrives with papers authorizing them to take Luther into custody and stopping the autopsy of the latest victim.  Luther is hooded and taken away.  During this, CPS informs Dez that his biological mother has been found, but Dez explains that despite what his dad is being charged with, Luther saved him, was protecting him, and he begs them not to contact his mother.

Kaylee contacts Les to pry for more information.  Les says there's nothing to see, but she pries for more and demands he text her the address.

Luther is brought to the DNS facility where Regional Secretary, Claire Hagen, wants to further interrogate him, but Luther refuses to help until he knows where his son is.  She says she will help him if he helps her.

Kaylee arrives at Luther's home where Les is posted to observe.  Kaylee says it is not standard to be posted at a murder scene.  Kaylee offers Les some Willie Nelson tickets if she can have five minutes alone inside to snoop.  While doing so, she comes across a picture of Luther and Michael together.

A biker is on the phone chastising someone who failed a job and threatens him if their deal goes South.  He asks another biker, Monster, about a payment from a deal; Monster plans to go that evening.  Michael Fayne is connected to them because Monster was working on his motorcycle and being "on the run" is not likely to return.

Luther explains biological modifications and concerns regarding the disease to Claire.  He assures her that the disease does, in fact, spread.

Monster is on a bike and starts to experience heightened senses.

A cop pulls up to what appears to be an abandoned restaurant with a convertible whose door is ajar with the top down.  He calls out for Chuck, someone he knows there, but the place is dark and appears empty.  The grill is unattended and blazing.  Downstairs as he searches for his friend, he finds another victim and a Blood who attacks him.

Jergen brings Kaylee some Phở (food) and learns that she speaks fluent Vietnamese.  She shares the connection between Michael and Luther and tells him to post an update.

Luther watches Kaylee's web page while at the DNS site and accuses them of spreading information.  There are new murders and in 2/3 of the cases, a lot of blood is missing.  It's as much a mystery to them as to Luther how the information is being spread; they are not sharing.  Claire asks Luther why he didn't "turn" as well since both men were exposed.  He believes there is a co-factor involved biologically.  She asks how to find this out; it needs to be researched.  She asks him what he wants, and he states he wants his child there with him and he wants the charges against him for his wife's murder dropped so he can retain custody of his child.  Claire says that she is sending him to Dr. Calix Niklos who will have to approve it.  If this is approved, he'll be given the ability to research it but has to convince Niklos first.

Michael has killed again and sits in thought.

Niklos tells them to remove the handcuffs from Luther and explains that he's listened to the audio files-- they listen to everything said; there are no secrets.  Niklos sympathizes with Luther's loss of his wife and expresses his apologies for what Luther must be experiencing.  He then asks Luther what Luther thinks is going on; however, he expresses that he is not "political" and refuses to "lead" the discussion. Niklos then admits that the murders are things they've never encountered.  Luther opens up about his theory: he feels the bio-mass and prions are involved in creating these transformations from the disease but hesitates, fearing he may be saying too much.  Niklos calls them "creatures"; Luther explains that these are people who are infected with a disease.  Luther offers to help, but he wants to secure his son first.  Niklos apologizes and states that he had Dez moved there when they transferred Luther to their facility.

Monster pulls up to a building and kicks down the door, growling inhumanely.  A man is heard screaming as Monster enters and things shatter.

Michael moves about quietly within a building and calls Luther, hears his voicemail, but has an emotional moment and hangs up without saying anything.

Dez is getting situated at DNS with his dad.  Both want to go home, and Luther acknowledges his son has gone through some horrible things, things they'll never forget.  But the things are bigger than imagined.  Dez only cares about them, their family.  Luther explains they have to be there so Luther can try to stop this so it doesn't keep happening to others.  Dez wants someone else to do it, but Luther says they cannot do it without him, and he cannot do it without his son.

Michael walks to a woman sitting at a bus stop, hungry, hearing her blood, her heartbeat, considering her as his next victim.  He refrains after realizing the woman is blind, helpless.  He manages to stop, to control himself, sits and speaks with her, and they share they've both recently lost loved ones-- Michael expresses he lost a brother, someone he loved and trusted.  There's no cure for the human condition.  She thanks him for his help; he thanks her as well.

Dez is preparing to sleep, and Dez asks about "Uncle Mike", and Luther reminds him that he will hear some terrible things about what Michael did.  But Luther explains that Michael and Jess are also victims in this.  Dez states that he is better as long as they are together.

Niklos is on the phone explaining to someone that there is good and bad in their situation so far.  On the good side, Luther is highly intelligent and has the advantage that he was on the scene when everything broke out.  While he was infected, he did not turn.  Michael, however, is considered "Patient Zero", the origin of the disease.  On the bad side, Luther considers those killing as "victims" also and wants to cure them.  Niklos' explains that by passionately pursuing this approach, Luther may become a liability.  They have an area set up for Luther to research, but after they've extracted all the information they can get from Luther, he may very well be "disposable".  Should there be a need, arrangements can be made for Dez too.

Luther lies awake in bed, thinking. [1]

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  1. Summary by NiechoV

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