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Bo Martyn is a Polish-born actress and writer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada who portrays a Elysse Chambers in the first season of V Wars.


V Wars[]

Season 1



Year Title Type Role
2019 V Wars TV Series Elysse Chambers
2019 Perpetual Motion Rachel
2018 Imposters TV Series Norma Jean
2018 Mary Kills People TV Series Kailey
2018 State Like Sleep Frieda
2018 The Expanse TV Series Evita
2017 Designated Survivor TV Series Tiffany Gimble
2017 Dim the Fluorescents Other Actress 3
2017 Frankie Drake Mysteries TV Series Secretary
2017 Molly's Game Club Girl
2017 Sundowners Foley Woman
2016 Houdini and Doyle TV Mini-Series Young Woman
2016 Sensitive Skin TV Series Lucy
2015 11 Blocks Bethany
2015 Diamond Tongues Danielle
2015 Edit > Undo Short Emma Woodhowse
2015 Paranormal Survivor TV Series documentary Maria
2015 Psychic Snakebite Pauline
2014 Hit the Deck Video Lorraine
2014 Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case TV Series documentary Waitress / Becky Hill
2013 Every Door. Every Floor. Short Anna
2013 Everyday Is Like Sunday Anelie
2013 The Level Below Short Doctor
2012 Samantha Short Samantha
2012 With Her Woman #4


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