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C01-body count-Conrad Holly

Conrad Holly

"The Shot Heard 'Round the World" Killer
Lives lost: 4+
  • Luther Swann's ex-wife — killed by Jenny Swann
  • Luther Swann's son — killed by Jenny Swann
  • Conrad Holly — shooted by Killer
  • Killer — killed by Nestor Wilcox
  • V-Cell — killed by V-8
C02-body count-Kyra Hanson-Yuki Nitobe

Kyra Hanson

"Blood and Beats" Unknown
Lives lost: 1+
  • Vampires in Morrissey Hotel — killed by V-8
  • Kyra Hanson and vampires in Red House — blown up by unknown people
C03-body count-Taurus Harper-Donny


"A Puppy and a Picture of His Kid" Terrorist V-Cell
Lives lost: 12+ saved: 1
  • Donny and 11 members of the Platoon — killed by a terrorist V-Cell
  • Edimmu vampires — killed by V-8


C04-body count-Yuki Nitobe-Nestor Wilcox-Mayor Botham-Joe-Bob

Mayor Botham

"Red State"
  • Joe-Bob
  • Militant bloods
Lives lost: 31+
  • Mayor Botham — staked, killed by Joe-Bob
  • 30 vampires in Pepper Grove — killed by Militant bloods and neighbor beats
C05-99 bombs
"The Court of the Crimson Queen" Rancid
Lives lost: 2092+
  • 2092 people — killed in 99 explosions by Rancid
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