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Vampires are humans who are infected by the pathogen discovered in the artic by Dr. Luther Swann and Michael Fayne that creates vampirism. Depending on the species who attacks them, most victims do not survive being attacked by a Blood. So far, it's been narrowed down to a gene, NH47 that is linked to Hereditary Cardiomyopathy, that causes the transformation: if you have it, you change; otherwise, you experience illness, heal, and are left as human.

Known species of Vampire[]


These are the self-defined names given to most Vampires in V Wars.

Bloods are a vampire species who have banded together as "Blood Nation" led by Michael Fayne. The infected have a biological need to ingest blood; at first this will need will drive their urges, however they can learn to control it over time. Regardless Bloods still need to ingest blood approximately 1-2 times per week.  Feeding allows Bloods to heal at a faster rate, some Bloods try to sustain themselves on animal blood, however this will not satisfy their thirst; human blood seems to be the only means of satiating their hunger. Bloods develop drastic alterations to their physiology; possessing enhanced health and regeneration, improved senses, faster reflexes, increases in strength and speed as well as retractable fangs. They are attempting to have society accept them as a separate species while the Department of National Security (DNS) is hunting them down as a terrorist threat.


These are a different type of Vampires, ones who are able to feed without killing their victims but rather deliver a venom with their bites, a toxin, that the victim actually enjoys, becomes addicted to like a drug, making them essentially "Feeders" that are kept alive by not over-draining them and kept in close proximity as a low profile food source.  They only attack those with whom they have a deeper connection.  Should they kill a victim and that victim has the gene, they will become a Vourdalak as well; the cycle continues.


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