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Danika Dubov is a main character of V Wars and the sister of Mila. Danika is a Verdulak and a close confederate of Michael Fayne. After transition into a Verdulak Danika was quickly seduced by her new instincts; enthralling multiple victims with her neurotoxins to maintain a regular supply of blood on hand. When her actions caught the attention of the D.O.D. Danika quickly figured out a way to avoid identification.

Powers & Abilities[]

Danika possesses the standard powers of a Verdulak; increased strength and speed, improved senses, sped up rate of healing and wickedly sharp fangs that can release a highly addictive neurotoxin. Danika was highly proficient at using the neurotoxins stored in her fangs to enthral multiple victims without killing them.


V Wars[]

Season 1