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"FCBD Special" is the special Free Comic Book Day 2014 Edition issue of Jonathan Maberry ang IDW Publishing' V-Wars graphic novel.


New York Times bestselling horror author Jonathan Maberry presents the chronicle of the first Vampire War in V-Wars! This all-new tale leading into this summer's ongoing V-Wars series offers the first salvo in the battle between humans and hundreds of new species of vampires!





Body count[]


  • Luther Swann, Michael Fayne were last seen in anthology series.
  • According to the journal of Luther Swann, it's day 212 of the vampire war.
    • The ice virus, I1V1, starts eight months ago.
  • Luther Swann, Ph.D. has a folklore degree.
    • Luther Swann was first a police advisor, then a presidential advisor.
    • Luther Swann goes with V-8 as a civilian advisor.
  • Michael Fayne was the first man with activated gene.
  • All people carry the gene I1V1 could activate.
  • Vampire subtypes:
    • Impundulus
    • Hannya
    • Alps
    • Blautsaugers


  • Free Comic Book Day is the one day a year where participating comic book shops in America and around the world give away comic books free to anyone who comes into the store.
  • One of the vampire species seen in the comic, has a strinking resemblace to Count Orlok from the slient movie "Nosferatu".


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