Idea and Design Works (IDW) was formed in 1999 by a group of entertainment executives and artists that included Ted Adams, Robbie Robbins, Alex Garner, and Kris Oprisko to develop products related to video games, movies, TV, collectible card games, comic books, and trading cards. In 2000, Idea and Design Works formed its publishing division. Two of the original founders, Adams (CEO and Publisher) and Robbins (EVP), still actively manage the company.

In 2007, IDT Corporation purchased a majority interest in IDW. In 2009, IDT created CTM Media Holdings via a tax-free spin-off. This new company, later renamed IDW Media Holdings, consists of the majority interest in IDW and CTM Media Group.


IDW Media Holdings (IDWMH) companies provide a wide range of entertainment products worldwide. Comic books, television shows, gallery showings, board games, collectible books, and original art are all part of the growing IDWMH.

"There is an everlasting demand for entertainment, and we strive to provide the best and highest quality products to the market. Whether digitally on a phone, printed and sold on a rack, or beaming onto a screen, IDWMH aggressively explores how to deliver its content to the widest range of audiences."

Ted Adams, CEO of IDWMH


  • IDWM closed Monday at a record $51.49, up $9.10 (21.5%) on the day of the announcement, April 16, 2018. [1]


  1. Netflix Greenlights Vampire Thriller 'V-Wars,' Inks Ian Somerhalder To Star

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