Here is some entries from the journal of Luther Swann.

Journal of Luther Swann, Ph.DEdit

Day 212 of the vampire warEdit

Embedded with Special Operations field team Victor 8. V-8. San Diego, California

This is the word. Blood and fire. That's what the world's become. Us. And them. Eight months ago, all I had to worry about was grading papers and university politics. Then I1V1. The ice virus. A disease released from melting polar ice. It triggered junk DNA. It activated a gene that we didn't even know we had. The gene that causes VAMPIRISM. Turns out they aren't a myth. So mach for my folklore degree. So much for Hollywood. Vampires were real. Maybe a mutation. Maybe a variation on Homo sapiens. The science is still fuzzy. Tests are ongoing.

All we know for certain is that they're real. They're HERE. And anyone could become infected at any time. Anyone. We all carry the gene. It started slow. With one man. A barista in New York named Michael Fayne. He went crazy and started killing women. Tearing them apart. Drinking their blood. Fayne let himself be arrested. He was terrified of what he was becoming. He didn't want to hurt anyone. The police brought me in because of all the books I've written on the folklore and myth of vampires. I tried to help them. Tried to help everyone...tried to understand what was happening. But Fayne had succumbed to the primal drive to hunt and feed that was hardwired into his DNA. That day ended badly for everyone. It would have been bad enough if it was just that one incident. If it was just Fayne. But the I1V1 virus was out there, already spread around the world, already transforming the infected. Maybe there was a point where science could have stopped it. People reacted exactly the way people do. With fear. With hatred. With intolerance. If so, that moment passed before Fayne become patient zero. After that— it was far too late.

Because I know vampires better than anyone, I got bumped from police advisor to presidential advisor. Like I could do any good. Before Fayne, this was just myth to me. It was someone else's beliefs. Not mine. Before this, I didn't believe in anything. Now everyone believes in monsters. It's just that not everyone knows who the actual monsters are. Only a small percentage of the infected are killers. Most are simply afraid of what they've become. And uncertain how they fit into the world. They com in all shapes and sizes. Just like in folklore. Some can pass as human. Some can't. Impundulus, Hannya, Alps, Blautsaugers... so many more. Hundreds of species. It's like they stepped right out of my textbooks. Many embraced the change but didn't go hunting. Sometimes I think they're the only sane ones left in this world. God knows not all of the humans are sane.

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