"Dr. Swann is a father and a very grounded character in a sense that he is beholden to the laws of physics and that of mortal man."

Ian Somerhalder to Hollywood Life [2]

"He has to stay alive to make sure that he comes home to his son. His priority is to take care of his child."

― Ian Somerhalder to Wonderwall [3]

Dr. Luther Swann is a main character of V Wars. His research into infectious diseases led to a colleague from the Arctic Science Exchange approaching him with the proposition of going to their Arctic Research Station, as the exchange had lost contact with the research station and the residing team. Swann, along with Michael Fayne traveled to the Arctic Research Station, after discovering all members of the research team dead, Swann and Fayne were exposed to an as of yet unidentified protein biomass.


V WarsEdit

Season 1


Michael FayneEdit

"V-Wars is a love story between these two brothers who have been pulled apart due to unfortunate circumstances."

Adrian Holmes to MEA WorldWide [4]



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