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This article is about Luther Swann from books and comics. You may be looking for Luther Swann from TV series.

Luther Swann, Ph.D. is an Author of vampire books and an advocate for a dialogue with the Bloods, as the vampires call themselves. At various times, he was a police advisor, a presidential advisor and a civil advisor to the V-8.


After the Ice Virus hit the population of Earth, it began transforming some people in vampires. Among them, Luther's daughter. Her sudden transformation happened when Luther wasn't home. When he returned, his daughter had already killed his ex-wife and son.

As author of vampire books, Luther was an advocate for their rights and wanted a dialogue with them. As such, he had many meetings with Conrad Holly, the Speaker of the House, who shared much of his views.


Anthology series
Graphic novel



  • Ex-Wife †
  • Brian Swann † (son)
  • Jenny Swann (daughter)




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