Mackenzie Gray is a guest star, who portrays Dr. Vercernis in the first season of V Wars.


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Season 1


Year Title Type Role
2019 V Wars TV Series Dr. Vercernis
2019 A Christmas Miracle TV Movie Paul
2019 A Winter Princess TV Movie King Kristof
2019 Ditched Caine
2019 Rabid Gunter
2019 V Wars TV Series Dr. Vercernis
2018 Climax, SK TV Movie Jim Dash
2018 Eden Short The Mad Man
2018 Saint Playtrix Day Short Liam O Murchu
2018 Violentia Senator Edward Frost
2017-2018 Riverdale TV Series Dr. Curdle
2017 Entanglement Street Photographer
2017 Heart of Clay Nicholas Miles Adew
2017 Legion TV Series The Eye
2017 My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic TV Series Dandy Grandeur
2017 Runaway Christmas Bride Travis Paulson
2017 Supergirl TV Series Greggor
2017 The Basement Short Dad
2017 The Catch Short Peter
2017 The Prodigal Dad Sidney
2017 Woman on the Run TV Movie Doctor
2016 2BR02B: To Be or Naught to Be Short Dr. Hitz
2016 Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency TV Series Lux Dujour
2016 Grocery Store Action Movie Short Limey
2016 Legends of Tomorrow TV Series Time Master / Council Member #1
2016 The Switch TV Series Mr. Hickie
2016 Warcraft Lordaerian Delegate
2015 'Tis the Season for Love TV Movie Tom
2015 Angel of Christmas TV Movie Franklin (as MacKenzie Gray)
2015 Christmas Truce TV Movie Peter
2015 Disappeared Short Wes
2015 Fargo TV Series Albert
2015 I Wanna Date U Short Ted
2015 If There Be Thorns TV Movie John Amos
2015 Jaguars TV Series Brian Cambell
2015 The Starlight Heist Short Allan Swan
2015 The Twisted Slipper Short Le Duke
2015 The Wolf Who Came to Dinner Short The Vampire
2014-2017 LoliRock TV Series Gramorr
2014 Barbie and the Secret Door Father (voice)
2014 Bitten TV Series Jimmy Koenig
2014 Earthlickers Short Sheriff
2014 Mina.Minerva Short Cemetery Patron
2014 Signed, Sealed, Delivered TV Series Trevor
2014 Unlikely Ally Short German SS Leader - Special Guest Appearance
2013 Citizen 101: The Religion of Consumerism Short Preacher
2013 Fringe TV Series Observer Physician #1
2013 Man of Steel Jax-Ur
2013 Metallica Through the Never Tall Man
2013 Once Upon a Time TV Series Hob
2013 Spooksville TV Series Mr. Spiney
2013 The Trainer TV Movie Glen Kopylek
2013 Under the Bridge of Fear Short Jervis Pender - Pool Shark
2012 Alcatraz TV Series Kit's Father
2012 Fred & Ginger Short Fred
2012 Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu TV Series Fangpyre General / Museum Curator / Old Woman
2012 Now and Forever Short Male Tv Voice (voice)
2012 The Vessel Short Torin
2012 True Justice TV Series Darko Koradzic / Darko
2011-2013 R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour TV Series Sir Maestro / Alan Miller
2011 Citizen 101 Preacher
2011 Grave Encounters Houston Gray
2011 Mulligan's Run Short Mulligan (voice)
2011 The Kennedys TV Mini-Series Senator Russell
2011 While I Breathe Short Boss
2010 Hard Ride to Hell Video Crowley
2010 Human Target TV Series Templeton
2010 Messages Deleted Director
2010 Senseless Short Edgar
2010 The Bridge TV Series Jiles
2010 Tunnel Short Man on the Lawn
2009 Barbie Presents: Thumbelina Video Rick (voice, as Mackenzie Grey)
2009 Knights of Bloodsteel TV Mini-Series Lord Splayven
2009 Storm Seekers TV Movie Director McGraw
2009 The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus First Monk
2008-2012 Iron Man: Armored Adventures TV Series Obadiah Stane / Iron Monger
2008 A Zombie Musical Video
2008 Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead Video Bartender
2008 Mothers&Daughters Book Launch Host
2008 Poe: Last Days of the Raven John Allan / Old Man
2008 Psych TV Series Gregor
2008 Riddles of the Sphinx TV Movie Ryder
2008 Sanctuary TV Series Mr. Jones
2008 Shoot Me Now TV Series Mackenzie
2008 Under Pressure: A Story of Microscopic Stakes Short Dr. Allen
2007 Destination: Infestation TV Movie Blumenthal
2007 Empire Earth III Video Game (voice)
2007 Shooter Dave Simmons
2007 Supernatural TV Series Djinn
2006-2010 Smallville TV Series Lex Luthor Clone / Dr. Alistair Kreig
2006 Black Lagoon TV Series Ibraha
2006 Boom Boom Sabotage Video Marshall / Boris / Stilt Walker / ... (voice, as Mackenzie Grey)
2006 Christmas on Chestnut Street TV Movie Jacques La Shank (as MacKenzie Gray)
2006 In Her Mother's Footsteps TV Movie Carl Brookes
2006 Kyle XY TV Series Functionary
2006 Memories: A Writer's Confession Short John Carter
2006 Merlin's Apprentice TV Mini-Series One-Eye
2006 Till Death Do You Part Short Walter Devlin
2005 Ark Rabble Rouser (voice)
2005 Laundry Day Short Haunting Man
2005 Say Yes Short The Bartender
2005 Secret Lives TV Movie Mark
2005 The L Word TV Series Venus de Myler
2005 The Road That Binds Us Short Donald
2005 The Veil Short The Husband
2005 Young Blades TV Series Letrec
2004-2005 The Collector TV Series The Devil / Rapper / Homeless Man
2004 Adolescent Nation Short Windsor (leader of the tired)
2004 Lucky Stars Dr. Brown
2004 Part of the Game Dale
2003 Ben Hur Video Rabbi (voice)
2003 The Hitcher II: I've Been Waiting Video Lieutenant
2003 Therapy Short Dr. Alex Manning
2003 Word of Honor TV Movie Dr. Dougal
2002-2003 Stargate: Infinity TV Series Pahk'kal
2002 Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight TV Movie Minister Kafta
2002 Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction TV Series Nathaniel Borne
2002 Evolution: The Animated Movie Video (voice)
2002 Groove Squad Video Dr. Nightingale (voice)
2002 Just Cause TV Series
2002 Madeline: My Fair Madeline TV Movie Mr. Henry (voice)
2002 The Twilight Zone TV Series Mr. Hunt
2001-2002 Alienators: Evolution Continues TV Series Additional Voices
2001-2002 Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! TV Series
2001-2002 Ultimate Book of Spells TV Series
2001 Andromeda TV Series Venetri
2001 Voyage of the Unicorn TV Series Skotos
2001 Walking Shadow TV Movie Vinnie
2000-2001 Action Man TV Series Nick Masters
2000 Call of the Wild TV Series Hal Levant
2000 Hollywood Off-Ramp TV Series
2000 Legs Apart Short Doctor
2000 Secret Agent Man TV Series Salvador Pegnon
2000 Seven Days TV Series Dr. Rugoff
2000 Shutterspeed TV Movie Nigel Dickson
2000 The Artist's Circle Short
1999-2001 Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century TV Series Guest Voice
1999-2000 So Weird TV Series John Kane
1999 Cold Squad TV Series Nigel Smatter
1999 Cybermaster Lyndon / Alter Lyndon
1999 Da Vinci's Inquest TV Series Thomas Bigler
1999 Dead Man's Gun TV Series Judge Madding
1999 First Wave TV Series The Minister
1999 Master Keaton TV Series Prof. Benington
1999 The Crow: Stairway to Heaven TV Series Slaughter
1999 The Outer Limits TV Series Martin Reese
1998-1999 The Net TV Series Greg Hearney
1998 Shepherd Lyndon
1998 Viper TV Series Fred Tyler
1998 Welcome to Paradox TV Series Ardley Mendoza
1997 2103: The Deadly Wake Nigel Chan
1997 Due South TV Series George
1997 F/X: The Series TV Series Director
1997 Falling Fire Joe Schneider
1997 La Femme Nikita TV Series Skyler
1997 Shadow Zone: My Teacher Ate My Homework The Reaper
1997 Strip Search Lawrence Durrell
1997 The Cellar Short Mr. Friendly
1995 Johnny Shortwave Performer (voice)
1995 Kung Fu: The Legend Continues TV Series Jack The Ripper
1995 The New Adventures of Madeline TV Series Additional Voices (2000) (voice)
1994 Replikator Candor
1994 The Mighty Jungle TV Series Prince Charles
1993 Counterstrike TV Series Lord Eames
1993 Secret Service TV Series Dante
1992 Forever Knight TV Series Dean Simmons


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