Marco Turini is an Italian Comic Book Artist, who lives in Prague, Czech Republic, since 2010. He worked for the major Comic publishers in the world, like Marvel Comics, Dc Comics, Top Cow, IDW, Heavy Metal Magazine, Titan Publishing, Avatar Press, Star Comics and much more. He also worked for Movie Productions, Vfx Studios and Games Industries, like Prologue Vfx (Concepts for Doctor Strange Movie), Union Vfx, AlkemiX, The Artery Vfx.


Graphic novel

List of WorkEdit

Year Title Type
2017 Accell Penciller
2017 FCBD 2017 Catalyst Prime: The Event Cover Artist, Inker, Penciller
2017 Lookers: Ember Inker, Penciller
2017 Noble Penciller
2017 Robotech Cover Artist, Inker, Penciller
2016 Dark Souls: The Breath of Andolus Cover Artist
2016 Deus Ex: Children's Crusade Cover Artist
2016 Man Plus Cover Artist
2015 Assassin's Creed Cover Artist
2015 Lady Death: Apocalypse Cover Artist
2015 Secret Wars: Battleworld Inker, Penciller
2014 Legends of the Dark Knight 100-Page Super Spectacular Inker, Penciller
2014 V-Wars
Cover Artist
2012 Cyberforce Inker, Penciller
2012 Legends of the Dark Knight [I] Inker, Penciller
2012 Legends of the Dark Knight [II] Penciller
2012 Whore Inker, Penciller
2011 Terminal Alice Inker, Penciller
2010 Artifacts Cover Artist, Inker, Penciller
2010 Cornelio Speciale Inker, Penciller
2009 Astonishing Tales Inker, Penciller
2009 Astonishing Tales: Shiver Man Colorist, Cover Artist, Inker, Penciller
2009 Outlaw Territory Penciller
2008 Squadron Supreme Inker, Penciller
2007 Ant Unleashed Cover Artist, Inker, Penciller
2007 Marvel Comics Presents Colorist, Inker, Penciller
2005 Vivid Girls Colorist, Inker, Penciller
2003 Dildo Cover Artist, Inker, Penciller, Writer
2002 Menage A Trois Cover Artist, Inker, Penciller, Writer
2001 Blowjob Inker, Penciller, Writer
1999 Sizzle Cover Artist
1998 Threshold Cover Artist
1977 Heavy Metal Colorist, Cover Artist, Inker, Letterer, Penciller, Writer


Year Award Category Nominated Result
2015 Pulp Factory Award Best Cover Bass Reeves, Frontier Marshal Vol. 1 Winner


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