"I found how I related to Fayne and plugged myself into his world. It's important to find the truth of the character, and once you find that, you're free."

Adrian Holmes to MEA WorldWide [1]

Michael Fayne is a main character of V Wars. He was a pilot who worked, and is friends with Dr. Luther Swann. After piloting Swann to a arctic research facility, he is exposed to an ancient prion protein and becomes a Blood (vampire) making him Patient Zero during the virus outbreak.

After turning, Michael begins feeding on people and experiences the hunger that all Vampires experience when they first turn. This quickly abates, and he is able to control the urge. After gaining control of himself, he begins exerting control over his situation, making kills in a more measured way, and beginning to acquire a following among other people who've turned.

After being prompted to create an official group by some Vampires looking for a leader, he creates Blood Nation, and begins to gather more followers and organize efforts.

Powers & Abilities Edit

As the first Blood, Fayne's powers have been more extensively chronicled than any other. On many occasions, he has displayed feats of immense strength, speed, senses and healing. He is able to easily lift, overpower and launch humans, and can exert enough force to break a porcelain sink, and snap the metal frame of an IV drip and use it to impale someone. His wickedly sharp fangs allow him to quickly and easily tear through flesh. Fayne has used his superior speed to suddenly appear out of nowhere, quickly kill and mutilate trained combatants hunting him and rapidly reach a sniper's location. Fayne's senses allow him see with greater visual clarity, across greater distances, even in total darkess, and hear sounds such as a person's heartbeat, or conversations across a room or in a moving vehicle. Fayne can quickly heal from injuries; within hours of being shot in the chest the wounds appeared as though they occurred days ago. Fayne is also more resistant to drugs and tranquillisers, as even doses high enough to be fatal to humans could not sedate him.

Fayne is a strong combatant, he has taken on multiple opponents at once and quickly succeeded in killing them. He is also a trained, and highly skilled pilot, as he was able to safely pilot and land a helicopter despite harsh arctic conditions. Fayne is an intelligent man; he implemented methods to avoid detection by law enforcement, and was able to stay on the run and evade capture by multiple law enforcement agencies, without any assistance for possibly weeks. Fayne was also shown to be a strong leader, he led Blood Nation, and controlled their factions throughout the U.S long enough to form a treaty with the humans. However, his leadership was undermined by the mutiny of his subordinates.

Near the ending of season 1 fayne started to lose his powers possibly becoming human.


V WarsEdit

Season 1


Luther SwannEdit

"V-Wars is a love story between these two brothers who have been pulled apart due to unfortunate circumstances."

Adrian Holmes to MEA WorldWide [2]

Michael Fayne & Luther Swann

Fayne and Swann have maintained a strong friendship for many years; Fayne approached Luther's future wife and introduced her to him. Upon learning that Michael had killed a woman, Luther helped him cover it up, despite the moral issues he felt in doing so. Fayne considers Luther to be his brother, and despite the betrayal he felt when Luther turned him in, Fayne was concerned for Luther upon learning about the death of his wife, and his subsequent arrest for her murder. Despite turning Fayne in for murder, Luther never lost faith in his friend, believing his behaviour to be the product of his exposure to the prion, and not the actions of the person Fayne is.

Danika DubovEdit

Michael Fayne & Danika Dubov

Ava O'MalleyEdit

Michael Fayne & Ava O'Malley

After saving her life when vampire killing vigilantes murdered her father, Ava was grateful for Fayne's kindness, after realising who he was, she located other bloods and tracked him down. The group saved Fayne's life, and, Ava approached him to take command of the other bloods, which led to the formation of Blood Nation. As leader of Blood Nation, Fayne trusted Ava, and had enough faith in her abilities to make her his second in command. When Fayne restarted his relationship with Danika Dubov, Ava became jealous of their relationship and resented her attitude to their cause. Fayne's growing trust and relationship with Danika led to the decline of his relationship with Ava, that combined with the direction he was taking Blood Nation in led to Ava betraying him; drugging and replacing his leadership.



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