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Mila Dubov is a main character in the first season of V Wars, and is the sister of Danika Dubov. Like her sister, Mila is a Verdulak, however she refuses to kill or feed on humans, living off of blood that is obtained from blood banks, and on at least one occasion feeding from a Blood. After her transition into a Verdulak, Mila went off the grid, avoiding her friends and family.

Powers & Abilities[]

Mila is a Verdulak, meanin she possesses wickedly sharp fangs that contain neurotoxic venom. When this venom is injected into a victim, they appear to be left in a sedated state where they are unable to act against the Verdulak. Mila also possesses heightened senses, advanced regenerative capacities and possibly enhanced physical capabilities.

Mila is also a skilled combatant, as she has been able to effectively utilise a baton to outmatch and kill Bloods in combat.


V Wars[]

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