"Staring Into the Abyss" is the seventh issue of Jonathan Maberry and IDW Publishing' V-Wars graphic novel.


Big Dog and V-8 are the top gunslingers in the escalating battle with vampire terrorists. But the hunt for a new and intensely brutal species of bloodsucker puts them in the crosshairs of the world’s most dangerous special operative: Joe Ledger.


  • Luther Swann
  • Joe Ledger
  • Nestor Wilcox
  • Marcus Zintner
  • Val Turturro
  • Lashonda Forbes
  • Taurus Harper
  • Ken Kahn
  • Donnie Sloan
  • Pete Fetsko
  • Al Hewlett
  • Aldous May (mentioned)


  • V-8
  • Four teams of test subjects of creating vampire super soldiers
    • Nelapsi
    • Ganshi
    • Red Knights
    • Unknown


  • Willis Mountain, Virginia


Body countEdit

  • Donnie Sloan
  • Marcus Zintner
  • Val Turturro
  • Pete Fetsko
  • Al Hewlett
  • Ken Kahn — all killed by Nelapsi test subjects



  • Joe Ledger mention Bourne novel series.
  • The Ice virus (I1VV1) infects everyone, but only one percent of the infected become vampires.
  • Kitsune is a variation of the Korean vampire.
  • Ganshi is a variation of the Chinese vampire.
  • Red Knight is a variation of the Iran vampire.



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